Low Minimums | $200

We think it's better to sell out than have excess products! We know your customers will love SENSE and are happy to start with low minimum orders that work with your unique customer base. After your customers fall in love with SENSE, we know you'll be back for more!

Shelf Infographics | Included Free

allIt's hard to remember the features of every product in your shop! That's why all SENSE wholesale orders include shelf infographics with a gold holder to tell your customers why they should buy SENSE!

Fast Fulfillment | 7-14 days

We believe you should get SENSE when you want SENSE. Most wholesale orders are fulfilled within 10 days. A really large order could take about 2 weeks since our founder insists on personally inspecting each shipment before it goes out.

Mix & Match| Sizes and Styles

Customize your order by mixing cases of different sizes (10ml roll-on, 4oz pump, 8oz pump) and/or different styles (original or shimmer). Most retailers order refillable roll-on glass bottles along with the pump. The roll-on bottles are super convenient and beautiful to boot!