Inspired by my Baby

I developed SENSE when I was pregnant because I wanted the best natural moisturizer that smelled great and kept my baby and me mosquito-free!  

I was so surprised that my husband LOVED the fragrance and within a few days, my family, friends, neighbors and colleagues began asking how they could get SENSE. Everyone who tried it fell in love with the aromatherapy effects and they also stopped getting mosquito bites! 

 While the original home-made version was great for a small family, it took over 2 years of research to perfect the optimal organic potion that could be made in small batches, rather than one bottle at a time. As an ivy-league educated medical professor, I was fortunate to have the training and resources to bring SENSE from my kitchen into your home.

Made for my Family

I live in Miami Beach, Florida, a hotbed for mosquitos and the zika virus. I also travel around the world with my son. He's already been to 9 countries, including places with lots of mosquitos -Costa Rica, Curacao, Panama, Jamaica, and Brazil! No matter where we are, SENSE keeps mosquitos away from his precious skin! 

Once he started school, his teachers and other moms asked me why he smelled so great. I shared SENSE with them and now many other moms use it for their family too!  

I especially love it when Dads tell me they noticed SENSE on their wife and thank me. That's when I remind them that SENSE is for Dads, and everyone else too! The organic formula uniquely blends with each person in a deliciously different way!

Smells like Love

My friends and family fell in LOVE with SENSE because it ignited their senses in a happy way and I'm excited to share some of that happiness with you.

I'm also a medical professor and sexologist at the University of Miami. When I realized some essential oils that ignite desire also repel insects, I started experimenting and made SENSE Aromatherapy Body Oil!

Today, many of my colleagues, family members, friends, and neighbors use SENSE regularly. And it brings me so much joy whenever someone tells me they've tried SENSE! 




"I was skeptical at first - moisturizer, mosquito-repellant, and stimulating oil all-in-one? But it was seriously effective in all three categories! It works great for day-to-day use as a moisturizer - it dries in minutes without leaving an oily residue and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. It was also surprisingly effective as a repellent - the mosquitos are rampant in South Florida and I haven't been bit once since I started wearing Sense. I'd recommend it on the repellent quality alone, but it's even more effective in the bedroom - results in 20 minutes! " Jana Yong