Organic Aromatherapy Moisturizer Protects Skin Naturally


LOVE in Miami, FL, along with organic grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, fractionated coconut oil & natural essential oil fragrance.


Dr. Sonjia Kenya, a mom, wife, and associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami in Florida, USA 


Fragrance, love potion, moisturizer, bath oil, cuticle conditioner, after-sun nourisher, and mosquito prevention! All you need is SENSE!


How to Use SENSE


Craving some 'cuddle time' with your beloved? Our non-greasy, aromatherapy oil builds sensual desire during a relaxing massage and adds pleasure to an erotic encounter. Simply lather on some SENSE to stimulate a pleasing reaction in your partner while making your skin silky soft and oh so kissable. Feeling generous? Give a massage with SENSE to stimulate a sensational intimate experience. Want some attention at Happy Hour? Dab SENSE behind your ears and wrists before strutting into the bar to enjoy some loving libations.


All-natural ingredients include grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, & essential oils for soft and healthy skin. Hydrate your skin, reduce wrinkles, and enjoy tighter, brighter skin without clogging pores. This perfect combination of organic carrier oils quickly absorbs and nourishes your skin naturally, leaving your skin feeling silky soft, but never greasy. Customers who use SENSE daily fall in love with how their skin feels and the aromatherapy effects that stimulate a state of bliss.  


Best-smelling way to keep mosquitos away! Created by a pregnant medical professor in Miami Beach who needed an effective, non-toxic way to protect her family from mosquito-borne yuckiness! When tested across the U.S., Brazil, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, SENSE out-performed that chemical-filled stinky stuff too many people spray on their precious skin. Plus, SENSE smells like LOVE on a platter.


Therapeutic-grade lavender and vanilla essential oils relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and lull you into a calm state of mind. Simply put, the natural essential oils in SENSE leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and happier. SENSE smells deliciously unique on each individual because it organically blends with your natural essence. Apply directly to your body or use as aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and induce an environment of bliss.



Sense natural body oil does it ALL! Whether you’re a busy mom, a professional massage therapist, someone who loves aroma therapy, needs to relieve stress or wants to expand your sexual horizons, you deserve an organic moisturizing alternative that smells great, feels good, and keeps pesky mosquitos away from your skin!


SENSE Body Oil creates a pleasurable experience everyday with therapeutic grade essential oils that ignite a pleasing response in everyone who smells it. Mena nd women get positive reactions everytime they wear SENSE. The best part is SENSE naturally repels mosquitos, as it was formulated by Dr. Sonjia, a sexologist and medical professor, while she was pregnant in Miami, Florida, a hot bed for the Zika virus. And let's face it, being eaten should feel good!  


Gentle, Effective Aromatherapy that reduces anxiety and soothes your mind - Get the calming effects of lavender synergized with the aromatic properties of vanilla, together with Dr. Sonjia's secret blend of other essential oils scientifically proven to stimulate a positive physical reaction in everyone who smells it. And since mosquitos hate this naturally powerful formula, users can relax in every environment.


Safe for All Skin Types - Zero artificial ingredients, no preservatives, additives, or chemicals ever! No DEET! Suitable for all walks of life. Many parents, including Dr. Sonjia, use SENSE on their kids and their entire family (including pets) because it is the best-smelling, insect-repelling body oil. Naturally, our featured model is Dr. Sonjia's son.


Dr. Sonjia is the mom, sexologist, and medical professor who created SENSE Aromatherapy Body Oil because she needed an all-natural way to keep her family safe from mosquitos. Plus, she wanted a product that smelled amazing and kept her skin healthy.  

When she got pregnant in Miami, the hotbed for the zika virus, Dr. Sonjia refused to use toxic mosquito repellents that stink and feel yucky. Instead, she began researching essential oils and natural moisturizers that repelled insects and nourished skin. When she started wearing SENSE, everyone went nuts and asked her to make more. And that's how SENSE was born!  

More About Dr. Sonjia

"I've got so many compliments from this oil on the different scents notes this oil emits. I must be honest mosquitoes can't stand this stuff they hate it. It's summer and I've yet to get bit by a mosquito." - Ana B

"I love this oil for my whole family. I’m a mother of three small children and this oil is actually a pretty great bug repellent too. It smells so wonderful that I rarely use my perfumes." -Alina M

"Everywhere I go during the day, I receive tons of compliments from people I know and so many random people in the supermarket, at the gym, telling me that I smell so good. " - S-Mama

"All I can say is...Wow. This scent is intoxicating! I live in the desert and my skin needs moisture. This oil absorbs quickly...non greasy leaving my skin soft and smooth. I’m wearing this everyday as my signature scent and and love that it repels bugs too!" Rochelle W